socio, abbreviation of "sociology".


  1. The book in which a record is kept.
  2. [computer science] A file that records events of a given process.
The Star Trek log
The captain's log @ Memory Alpha

The blog

When I launched SocioLogs in December 2016, I thought a blog would be a good way to help me think through some of my favorite subjects − since talking out loud seemed to fail. That's why the posts will essentially focus on sociology, digital technologies and/or statistics.

Even though the blog doesn't have a comment section, your remarks or, better yet, your contributions are very valuable to me. I encourage you to use Github Issues to signal a typo, correct a fact or propose an alternative reasoning. If Github is not to your liking, you can contact me through email or Twitter.

Legal considerations

This website, created by Gabriel Alcaras is made available under the terms of the following license: CC BY-NC.

Unless explicitely stated otherwise, this license applies to the original content of this blog (posts and pages). Images from other sources remain under their original legal license.

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